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         The Splanada -  $30.00 Per Person

       The Bel Air    -  $90.00 Per Person


             ELQ Weddings

          The Carriage  -  $18.00 Per Person

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The Splanada -

          The Carriage -



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            ChezYard Wedding

      The Carriage  -  $18.00 Per Person  (PHOTOS)

The Bel Air -

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We have the most unique wedding packages you will find anywhere.  We present to you three wedding packages that we hope you will find both exciting and fits into your budget from our modest budget package "The Carriage" to the extravagant "The Bel Air"

Each of the Chez Wedding packages offer  a gift to the wedding couples who book a minimum of 75 - 300 people for their wedding event.  Click  on the tabs below to view our gift to your wedding event.  

They are all unique and priced to the couple's affordability.  We think you will be pleased! 

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