Broiled Basted Chicken

       w/Cajun Butter

        5 Entrée Choices

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     Salad Niçoise

    Tuna, Eggs, Potatoes, Capers
     18 Gourmet Salad Choices


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Chez Ambiance Bistro Cateringis partnered with EZ Cater our online partners who handle our customer service. 

We offer breakfast & lumch delivery service  to corporate companies for business meetings & office events. 

​​See a full array of  menu choices of sandwiches, soups, salads and more we offer for delivery.

For your convenience you can order online anytime (24 hours) through our    website

EZ Cater will take your order and payment electronically.

Check out our Corporate Office Delivery page once a month for  specials we have you can add to your Chez / EZ Cater order as our food gift to you just for placing your order through our website! 

From gifts of boxed lunches to our cookie trays.  The page is also a partial look at our menu of what we have to order.

Click on the orange "Order Catering Now" button for the full menu to place your  order for delivery.. 


        Banana Nut & Blueberry

       Honey Breads

        10 Dessert Choices

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      Signature Soups

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Chez Ambiance Bistro Catering

WUTV / Fox Commercial Airing

Chez Boxed Lunch

        Horseshoe Salmon Steak

      w / Lemon Dill Butter

         10 Fish & Seafood Choices

Smoked Sausage Primaveraover Linguini

23 Pasta Dishes

       Gourmet Salads

    Fish & Seafood

       Basmati Rice Pilaf

     w / Vegetables 

      16 Side Entree Choices

  Chez Sides

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            Lamb & Vegetable Barley

         Stew w//Tender Lamb Shanks

           19 Signature Soups & Stew Choices


    Chez Personal Chef


                   CHEF PREPARED CUISINE  

       & our  waiter  to serve your guests @table.                                          2-12 Guests


Chez Media

​ Chez Ambiance Bistro Catering 

   Virginia Ham Boxed Lunch

   (Corporate Office Deliveries))

   16 Sandwich Choices

​         "Nothing But Good  Food ! "  

   Herb Chicken Salad 

  Petite Canapé Sandwiches

    85 Hors-D'oeuvres Choices

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