Horseshoe Salmon Steak

      w / Lemon Dill Butter

         10 Fish & Seafood Choices

​         "Nothing But Good  Food ! "  

        Banana Nut & Blueberry

       Honey Breads

        10 Dessert Choices

Smoked Sausage Primaveraover Linguini

23 Pasta Dishes

        Broiled Basted Chicken

       w/Cajun Butter

        5 Entrée Choices

    Chez Personal Chef


                   CHEF PREPARED CUISINE  

       & our  waiter  to serve your guests @table.                                          2-12 Guests


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       Basmati Rice Pilaf

     w / Vegetables 

      16 Side Entree Choices

  Chez Sides

   Herb Chicken Salad 

  Petite Canapé Sandwiches

    85 Hors-D'oeuvres Choices

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     Salad Niçoise

    Tuna, Eggs, Potatoes, Capers
     18 Gourmet Salad Choices


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Chez Media

       Gourmet Salads

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    Fish & Seafood

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            Lamb & Vegetable Barley

         Stew w//Tender Lamb Shanks

           19 Signature Soups & Stew Choices


Chez Boxed Lunch

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Chez Ambiance Bistro Catering

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      Signature Soups

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​ Chez Ambiance Bistro Catering 

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   Virginia Ham Boxed Lunch

   (Corporate Office Deliveries))

   16 Sandwich Choices